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How to make Policeman Emoticon on Facebook

Conversation with emoticon Policeman for Facebook
Emoticon Policeman for Facebook

To use an emoticon Policeman

  in your conversations by chat, to write in your facebook status or post in someone’s wall, you just need to copy the code.

Code: 👮

See the emoticon Emoticon Facebook policeman

That means Policeman Emoticon in Facebook

If there was a strong accident in an important avenue in your city and you saw that a policeman had the traffic stopped due to the accident post it on facebook using this emoticon so all your cyber friends know and they can choose another route to go to their destiny in a super faster way.

How to make a face Policeman on Facebook
How to make a face Policeman
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f86SyuRl5hi 18 Febrero 2016
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This is just going to be filled w/ bugs In the lastet release of Chrome:- Image / table buttons don't work- Remove format button doesn't remove styles (headings), sup/sub.- If you hit U to underline, hitting U again wont un-underline.- Text align buttons don't work for h1- Indent / un-indent buttons don't work for headers, un-indent button is disabled when indenting text inside a table- Smilies aren't aligned correctly with the text (align= absmiddle produces the best result, but align= middle works as well)- Clicking the table button logs an error saying that it can't call replace() of undefined.- Inserting image button logs an error saying that i is undefined.- Some browsers (webkit-based) add a glowing outline to the contenteditable div which is distracting because the div loses focus for a split second while clicking a button, causing the glowing outline to jump. This is fixable by setting the div's outline to 0.- Under the font selection, Helvetica (or any other non-standard fonts) should have an alternative. Ie: font-family Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;Question Will we be able to disable/enable any features of the RTE? Let's say for instance I want to disable wingdings and webdings. Possible? What if I want to disable the font family selector all together?On a mac, Ctrl + Click (which is another way to right click ) doesn't bring up the table context menu.
αγορα windows 7 26 Febrero 2016
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Fantastic Web-site, Keep up the fantastic work. Thank you so much.
ahQCsGp7Wn 02 Marzo 2016
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Awesome, Ben! Thanks for bug testing those out.The foliowlng should now work (in FF at least):- Image / Table button- Hitting U to un-underline- Smiley image vertical alignmentFor remove format with headings, sup, sub, I've copied how some other RTEs work and they only seem to remove bold, italic, underline, del, font name, font size, and font color.I'll have to take note of the other bugs and fix them when I get a chance.I hadn't given disabling any of the features much thought, though I have designed the editor to be able to enable/disable features so it is definitely possible.
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