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How to make No People Younger than 18 Emoticon on Facebook

Conversation with emoticon No People Younger than 18 for Facebook
Emoticon No People Younger than 18 for Facebook

To use an emoticon No People Younger than 18

  in your conversations by chat, to write in your facebook status or post in someone’s wall, you just need to copy the code.

Code: 🔞

See the emoticon Emoticon Facebook no-people-younger-than-18

That means No People Younger than 18 Emoticon in Facebook

Is your birthday coming and you are planning on making a big party in a club? Make an event on facebook so you can invite all your friends, classmates, siblings and cousins. Add this symbol to indicate that it is no possible that people younger than 18 can go to your big party, because if they do you will get into troubles with the club owners.

How to make a face No People Younger than 18 on Facebook
How to make a face No People Younger than 18
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